Gateway to Nibbana: The Buddha’s Wisdom (IN PERSON)

14 May 2024
  • Day:Tuesday
  • Time:7.00PM - 8.30PM AEST
  • No of Sessions:1
  • Duration:1.5hr
  • Organising Entity:Buddhist Library
  • Event Speaker:Ven. Dr Athurugirye Mahinda Thero
  • or (02) 9519 6054
  • Location:Buddhist Library
  • Attendance Mode:In Person Only Event
  • Contribution:By donation
  • The Buddha, considered by many to be the greatest man to have walked the surface of this Earth, discovered the root cause of suffering in all its forms, such as fear, grief, and discontentment. He introduced a philosophy which precisely describes the inner workings of the mind. As sentient beings, we interpret the world we experience through our senses with our minds, and each moment presents an opportunity to perceive it in a new light. The world we see is a creation of our minds, shaped by our beliefs, experiences, and emotions.

    The Buddha realised the true nature of perception and unveiled the mechanism that roots all suffering in the mind. The objective of this session is to help you explore this phenomenon and pave a path to liberate yourself from all adverse mentalities. Moreover, this session will enable you to understand the teaching of Cause & Effect, the cornerstone of the Buddha’s teachings and its relevance to how we perceive the world in which we live.

    View the world through the Buddha’s eyes and gain insight into the true purpose of your life and understand your ultimate duty and responsibility you have as a human being.

    This talk will be held in person at the Library only. Please register if you wish to attend. 



    Teacher profile

    Ven. Dr. Athurugiriye Mahinda Thero

    Ven. Mahinda Thero believes the foundation of a fulfilling life is comprehending the fundamental truth about the inner workings of one’s mind. It was this curiosity and no small amount of good fortune that led both him and his then-wife to leave behind his lay life in Australia where he was working as a research scientist in the Australian National University after completing his PhD. To discover the authentic teachings of the Buddha, to follow in the footsteps of a teacher who showed them the true purpose of their life and the path that would lead them to Enlightenment, Ven. Mahinda Thero decided to take the life-changing decision of leaving behind an indulgent lifestyle of worldly comforts, career successes and marriage and set off on a journey to achieve unconditional happiness.

    On his journey as a higher-ordained monk, he has helped many thousands of individuals overcome life challenges, such as stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, addictions and more. Ven. Mahinda Thero is a pro bono consultant for Vimukthi Foundation, a registered NGO established in Sri Lanka, which operates several social service programmes such as a rehabilitation centre, an orphanage, and a youth academy. Whilst practising the noble path to reach his ultimate goal of unshakeable happiness, as someone who has delivered many talks on related topics to numerous audiences internationally, he is renowned for dedicating his time and energy to spreading compassion and kindness to all who seek his guidance.


    All Sessions are by Donation (Dana) to the Buddhist Library. All donations to the Buddhist Library of $2 and over are tax deductible.

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