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Library Services

Opening Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10:30 – 19:00
Wednesday 10:30 – 18:00
Thursday 10:30 – 18:00
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Tuesday extended opening hour until the

start of Buddhism and Meditation Session

The Buddhist library has over 7,000 books and multimedia resources.

These resources range from introductory material to scholarly texts in all main schools of Buddhism and related subjects.

The library is open to the public although membership is required for borrowing of resources.

There are also books for free distribution available at the library.

New Books in the Buddist Library


Author: Gil Fronsdal

Categories: Buddhist Literature

Inspired by his years of Buddhist monastic life, Gil Fronsdal has written these warm-hearted stories as part of the tradition of teaching through storytelling. These are tales of transformation and spiritual growth. They delight and challenge as they express different facets of the Buddhist path to liberation in familiar, yet fresh and engaging, ways. These stories can be reread often, each time supporting new reflec- tions on the spiritual life and the possibility of each person awakening to the kindness, clarity and insight available to all of us. A Monastery Within points to how each person can build an inner home for the awakened life


Author: Thich Nhat Hanh

Categories: Mindfulness (Psychology)

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, bestselling author of Peace is Every Step and one of the most respected and celebrated religious leaders in the world, delivers a powerful path to happiness through mastering life’s most important skill. How do we say what we mean in a way that the other person can really hear? How can we listen with compassion and understanding?

Awake at the bedside

Author: Koshin Ellison & Matt Weingast

Categories: Buddhism | Palliative Treatment

This book isn’t about dying. It’s about life and what life has to teach us. It’s about caring and what giving care really means. In Awake at the Bedside, pioneers of palliative and end-of-life care as well as doctors, chaplains, caregivers and even poets offer wisdom that will challenge, uplift, comfort—and change the way we think about death…


Author: Reginald Ray

Categories: Meditation | Tantric Buddhism

Many of us experience life through so many conceptual filters that we never recognize the freedom and joy that are inherent in us—and are in fact the essence of who we are. We can grow old not realizing that one of the most powerful tools to escape the painful knots we tie ourselves in is, literally, at our fingertips: our body…


Author: Dalai Lama with Desmond Tutu

Categories: Happiness | Spiritual life

We get to listen as they explore the Nature of True Joy and confront each of the Obstacles of Joy—from fear, stress, and anger to grief, illness, and death. They then offer us the Eight Pillars of Joy, which provide the foundation for lasting happiness. Throughout, they include stories, wisdom, and science. Finally, they share their daily Joy Practices that anchor their own emotional and spiritual lives.


Library Subscription – Membership

To start borrowing library item(s), you are require to join as a Buddhist Library members. Please submit a membership application form in person at the library, along with:

  • Copy of current driver’s license or other proof of identity with photograph (e.g., passport…)
  • Regular Membership $60.00 for a period of three years;
  • Concessions Membership $30.00 for full time students and pensioners for a period of three years (proof of student / pensioner card)
  • Free for Monastics, Buddhist Library Volunteers and SRE Buddhist Teachers (SRE teaching tag)
  • Calculation for 3 years duration, if you sign up between:
    – July to June 2018, your membership will expired on December 2020.
  • Membership and borrowing rights are only open to those living in following areas:
  • Sydney Metropolitan
  • Central Coast
  • Blue Mountains
  • Southern Highlands
  • Wollongong
  • Membership and borrowing rights for those living in other parts of NSW, and the ACT can be negotiated and is subject to additional conditions.

Hall and Room Hire

We have one multi-purpose hall and two reading & meditation rooms available for hire. All these spaces are carpeted and have natural light. Chairs, meditation cushions and meditation stools can be provided as part of the room hire. A simple shared kitchen facility is accessible for those using these spaces. This hall is located at Level 1 with no lift access.

Audio and/or visual equipment can be made available although these may incur additional cost.

Multi Purpose Hall: Can seat up to 100 people

Important regards hall hire: All parties hiring the halls are required to provide proof of your own public liability insurance before booking can be confirmed.

Reading & Meditation Rooms: Can seat up to 10 people in each room

Self-contained Unit: With single bed, en-suite and kitchenette is also available for hire by a single person for short-term stay. Monastics and Buddhist Teachers requiring short-term accommodation are also welcome to enquire about this space. There is no charge for monastics.


Please contact us on 9519 6054 Monday to Friday (12:30pm – 5pm) with your request. We will require basic information about your organisation and description of the activity.

Please note that we do not accept tentative bookings – you will need to be certain about the date(s) you wish to book the space. Booking is confirmed when application form and 50% deposit payment has been received.

Disclaimer: All Hall Hire events hire (including Dharma events) to external group (including Buddhist groups) are the external organisation’s own and do not necessary reflect the view or objectives of the Buddhist Library.

Promoting Your Event

The Buddhist Library may be able to assist you in publicising Dharma-related activities through various channels including: (Subject to approval)

  • Details of your event on our website (For Hall Hire only)
  • Display of printed publicity material on our notice board and in information corner (Please print and send us 1 x A4 and 30 x A5 flyers)
  • Display of your event on social media.



Meditation Cushions
$80 Standard


Meditation Stools of three different heights (Low, Standard and High)
with Fixed Legs : $75
with Folding Legs: $90


Meditation Mats
$90 each

The Buddhist Library is operated by the Buddha Dharma Education Fund which is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Donations to the Buddhist Library Fund are tax deductible.
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