About Us

The Buddhist Library is a non-sectarian, not-for-profit educational organisation based in Camperdown, Sydney.

It has over 7000 books and multimedia resources, ranging from introductory material to scholarly texts, covering all the main schools of Buddhism and related subjects. The Library is open to the public, and you can borrow its books and other resources by becoming a member. The Library also has books for free distribution available.

As well as its reading resources, the Buddhist Library offers a regular program of talks, courses and workshops to help people develop their understanding and practice of Buddhism and meditation. It takes a non-sectarian approach, welcoming local and international teachers from various backgrounds and traditions, who offer thorough teachings and practices.

During Library opening hours, you are very welcome to drop by and enjoy our calm space in the city. Use the free WiFi, have a cup of tea, sit, relax, chat to the staff and volunteers, read, contemplate, meditate.

The Buddhist Library Objectives are:

  • To develop and maintain a resource library containing a wide range of educational materials on Buddhism and related subjects.
  • To disseminate information about the core practices and teachings of Buddhism.
  • To encourage Buddhist meditation practices.
  • To provide facilities where Buddhist teachers and groups can conduct classes, meditation sessions, workshops and exhibitions.
  • To have a welcoming hub for individuals to share, engage and interact in the Dharma.
  • To refer interested members of the public to Buddhist groups and teachers.
  • To foster a community based around the Buddhist Library.
  • To provide religious educational resources to schools.

The Buddhist Library is operated by the Buddha Dharma Education Fund (ABN 47 159 808 775), which is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Donations to the Buddhist Library are tax deductible.