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Event Types: Workshops/Courses

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop (Aug/Sept)

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop This six-session workshop is an introduction to the Buddhist practice of mindfulness meditation. Each session includes presentation of topics relating to mindfulness and guided sessions for both sitting and walking meditation practices. The workshop is structured especially for beginners but can also be suitable for intermediate meditators to continue developing their understanding…

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Expanding Our Circle of Compassion

As human beings, we have enormous potential to be joyful and compassionate people but we also have the potential to be miserable and cause harm to others. Amidst our fast paced and competitive society, full of anxiety and stress, is there any room to cultivate compassion?   In this seemingly challenging modern world... Is it…

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How to Liberate Oneself from Suffering?

Suffering comes in various forms, primarily through physical or mental encounters. In its presence, one feels the need to respond to eliminate it quickly. At times, one may choose to totally ignore suffering or overreact to it.   Why do we suffer in this life? Can we relieve ourselves from suffering? How do we let…

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Human Being: About Being Human and How We Live This Out

Human Being: About Being Human and How We Live This Out Two-week course with Gawaine Powell   10th July - Human being. Going out and coming home The Buddha put emphasis on 'going forth' and 'going into homelessness', but also spoke of the bird that is safe in its ancestral place, and in danger in open…

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Compassionate Communication Workshop (July & August)

Compassionate Communication Workshop Four sessions training workshop   Until we make peace with ourselves, no peace will ever happen in the world. Many people are hungry for understanding and skills that can improve relationships and help us to communicate more effectively. But our habitual ways of thinking and speaking often hinder positive communication and create…

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Daytime Absolute Beginner’s Meditation Course (July)

This 4-week course led by Patricia Austin is designed for those with no previous training in meditation. In a relaxed and open setting, participants will be introduced to the principles and practice of Vipassana (insight) meditation through training in mindfulness, as taught by the Buddha.  The course will include discussion, meditation exercises and feedback. Written…

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Dharma Bites – Sharing of Insights (29th June)

Dharma Bites is formerly known as Book Club - once a month event on the last Friday afternoon every month.   Dharma Bites: another way of approaching the Dharma This monthly gathering will replace the Book Club we had previously. Discussion will be based on the Buddha's teachings, but the format will have a new look.…

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Do Happy Relationships Exist? (26th June, 3rd July)

Do Happy Relationships Exist? All relationships whether they’re between couples, friends, family, colleagues, even neighbours, require effort, particularly if they are to work. Are happy relationships even possible? What do the Buddhist teachings say about this? How do we apply the Buddhist principles to our relationships? Come and explore this topic with Rosie. Speaker's Profile: Rosiana…

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