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Eight of this, Four of that, Seven of this, Five of that: The Buddhas Path to Mental Wellness

A four-week course for participants who have previously completed Grahame White, Jim Teoh, Patricia Austin and Dr Chien Hoong Gooi Meditation courses at the Buddhist Library and those who have attended Vipassana retreat previously. In our everyday life we often find that there is mental agitation, upheaval and conflict. To come out of this, the…

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Insight Meditation Course March/April 2018

Due to popular demand for Insight Meditation Course, we now offer this course again in March 2018, this is a great chance to learn useful insight techniques or simply to refresh your practice. Registration is essential. This 6-weeks course introduces the practice of Buddhist Insight (vipassana) meditation based on the teachings of the Buddha contained…

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Practical Approach to Reading Suttas to Transform Life Workshop

In this modern generation, we are fortunate to have access to a vast and rich collection of Suttas (discourses of the Buddha) with inherent wisdom taught by the Buddha 2600 years ago. How do I dive into this richness to discover a path of my own?  What do I need to bear in mind when I read…

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Looking Back – Looking Forward: Calm and Insight in the Buddhist Tradition

This talk will bring us back to look at the great Vipassana traditions and teachers can provide us with inspiration and confidence as we go forward in our own practice. There are many Vipassana traditions. The two most commonly known (Goenka & Mahasi) were discussed previously. In this talk a couple of other traditions will…

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The Mind: A Work in Progress

Practice, Patience and Perseverance. Some of us are too eager and pushy with our mind and some too complacent. We need inspiration, practical reminders and some continuity of application of what we have learnt... with compassion and love. Join us for two evenings with Jeff Oliver to find inspiration through compassion and love.   Two…

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Logic of Faith: Dharma Talk and Book Signing (Feb 2018)

Co-hosted by The Buddhist Library and Australia Mangalam Sydney Australia "I wrote this book as a tribute to the experience of grace, the source, from which all authentic faith traditions have emerged. But I also had something else in mind. I wanted to introduce the natural principle of Pratityasamutpada, 'dependent arising,' into a bigger conversation…

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Workshop: Using Mindfulness and Meditation to Calm the Traumatised Mind (24th Feb)

This event is full. If you are interested we can put you on waiting list in case of anyone drop out. Please email with your name, email and contact for waiting list to info@buddhistlibrary.org.au   Due to popular demand, we are offering this workshop in February 2018. Please book in as the places is limited…

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How to Move Forward in Practice – Dharma to fill 2018

We sit and we breathe so we can feel calm and smile at what life throws up. Yet there are times when the cart of life still bumbles along feeling like the axle is broken. We will look to embrace dharma practices that can make permanent personal changes for the better. Our intention is to…

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Dharma Bites (Feb 2018) Love Letters to Self and the World

This event is now moved to 23rd February.   Dharma Bites is formerly known as Book Club - once a month event on the last Friday afternoon every month.   Dharma Bites: another way of approaching the Dharma This monthly gathering will replace the Book Club we had previously. Discussion will be based on the…

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Pragmatic Approach to the Nature of Mind

In this session, Ajahn Vimokkha will be taking us on a journey inwards to observe the nature of our mind. We will learn through simple explanations on… How to go inwards in the practice of Samatha and Vipassana? How to develop a clear knowing mind through a pragmatic approach? What are the right techniques for…

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