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Way of Enlightenment (26th March)

A pragmatic approach to the way of enlightenment in the practice of Kayagatasati (Mindfulness of the Body),  Anapanasati (Mindfulness of the Breathing) and Emptiness meditation altogether. Meditation will be simply demonstrated by Ven. Vimokkha, thus bringing those practitioners directly to go on the path to the enlightenment.   Teacher's Profile: Ajahn Vimokkha is the abbot…

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Daytime Absolute Beginner’s Meditation Course (March)

This 4-week course led by Patricia Austin is designed for those with no previous training in meditation. In a relaxed and open setting, participants will be introduced to the principles and practice of Vipassana (insight) meditation through training in mindfulness, as taught by the Buddha.  The course will include discussion, meditation exercises and feedback. Written…

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Insight Meditation Course (Feb/March)

This 5-weeks course introduces the practice of Buddhist Insight (vipassana) meditation based on the teachings of the Buddha contained within the Discourse on the Establishment of Mindfulness (Satipatthana Sutta). The course integrates both theoretical and experiential aspects of the practice (sitting & walking meditations), with time for questions and feedback about individual meditation experience. Each…

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