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Event Types: Workshops/Courses

Introduction to Buddhist Thoughts & Practices (4th & 11th Dec)

In this four-week course we will be exploring some of the important teachings and meditation practices given to help us understand our own minds. Each night there will be a short course on the theory behind the meditation practice. This will be followed by a practice period, including Vipassana (Mindfulness) Meditation and Metta (Loving Kindness)…

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Buddha Nature (27th Nov)

‘Buddha Nature’ is the English translation of a profound Mahayana Buddhist principle, ‘Tathagatharbha’,  which is found in various Mahayana Sutras, including the Avatamsaka, and which became very influential in East Asian Buddhism. ‘Buddha Nature’ refers to the innate capacity in sentient beings for enlightenment. This talk will consider the origins of the Buddha Nature teachings and…

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Insight Meditation Course Oct/Nov

This 6-weeks course introduces the practice of Buddhist Insight (vipassana) meditation based on the teachings of the Buddha contained within the Discourse on the Establishment of Mindfulness (Satipatthana Sutta). The course integrates both theoretical and experiential aspects of the practice (sitting & walking meditations), with time for questions and feedback about individual meditation experience. Each…

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