(Weekly) Saturday Gentle Yoga & Meditation

23 October 2021
  • Day:Saturday
  • Time:10.00AM - 11.30AM AEST
  • No of Sessions:35
  • Duration:1 hour 30 minutes
  • Organising Entity:Buddhist Library
  • Event Speaker:Cathy Sutcliffe
  • Enquiries:info@buddhistlibrary.org.au or (02) 9519 6054
  • Location:Buddhist Library
  • Attendance Mode:Zoom Only Event
  • Contribution:By donation
  • This weekly yoga and meditation session explores the importance of yoga practice in our daily lives. Yoga means to yoke or unite the body and mind so as to still the mind.

    It provides a gentle introduction to both physical and mental yoga for those interested in or wanting to learn how to calm the mind. It is particularly suited for beginners as it uses a soft and gentle style of yoga.

    Suggested Donation: $10


    Registrations are essential to receive the Zoom link.
    Please register by Thursday 5pm at the latest to receive the Zoom link.  Please note Zoom links will not be sent to those who register after the deadline.


    Please also ensure you have considered and accepted the below terms and conditions before you register.

    As we will all be practising remotely, please ensure you do so in a safe, comfortable and suitable space, bearing in mind personal preferences in your own yoga practice (e.g. not on a hard wooden floor or slippery surface, not practising in a noisy/disruptive area).
    The teacher (Cathy) may not be able to see you to correct your posture, so please also ensure you do not overexert/overextend yourselves during these online Zoom yoga sessions.
    The Buddhist Library will not and cannot assume any responsibility for injuries or other forms of harm experienced or caused in relation to the attendance at these remote sessions.
    By attending the class you are considered to have considered and accepted the above terms and conditions.


    This registration is for 23/10/2021