Project Cambodia Update (End of May 2015)

Rain Water Tank Project – We achieved our target of 7500 water tanks and heading to build 8000 tanks by the end of 2015.

By the end of May 2015, we have been able to build 7554 water tanks in five provinces including Kampot and Kampot Speu provinces. These water tanks provide fresh water for over 319,306 children for the first time in their life, a huge health plus.

Dental Clinic Project

Due to the growing demand for dental care, our three dental clinics, including a mobile clinic has now treated 70,306 children since they began. Our dedicated dental staff have now performed 25,115 tooth extractions and 629 root canal fillings to date. The dental records now stand at around 58,332 cases of restoration and 23,476 cases of prevention that our staff attended in those clinics. Our very generous dentists, along with the volunteers are able to treat more than 1000 children a month.

English Classes

We conduct 104 English classes for 2,461 students. These classes are facilitated by 43 teachers, including 2 classes for recently opened for bright students, enabling them to receive extra tuition.

Computer Classes

Computer classes are expanding into various regions of Cambodia. We have started one more Computer class at the Seray Theany Primary School. By the end of May, 2015, we have had 302 students in the 45 computer classes that have been established.

Chinese Classes

We now have 3 Chinese language classes. We started another new class in December 2014 as they have become very popular. These classes are facilitated by 2 teachers and are filled with 93 children,

Non-Formal Schools

We now have 8 non-formal schools under our care with 215 children.