Our Water Tanks are for Rescue


A shocking drought is sweeping across Asia and Governments desperately need help. 
We knew at Buddhist Library Cambodia Project the predecessor to YOUR AID, if we built tanks 
at all schools in Cambodia, when the drought came we would have a place to store water as 
well as to harvest rain water. We see in the picture Cambodian government delivering
water to our schools in all the villages as well as kids while waiting for
the monsoon to break.

It is vital people avoid wells with heavy metal and even arsenic especially
built by well-meaning charities, excuse the pun but serious. 

As if our sisters and brothers didn't have enough to worry about in Asia
there is the horror of accumulated poison from the use of weedicides and pesticides on rice crops.
In Sri Lanka alone thousands are dying of kidney disease with the government
buying many dialysis machines in an attempt to try to fight against this
silent but stealthy killer.... a 50 year problem.