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Everyday Ecstasy, Ordinary Bliss (9th Nov)

Blissing out on meditation sounds great, but we can't all escape our busy schedules to become hermits on a mountain top. Yet, even our ordinary life brings us opportunities to experience enormous spiritual happiness every day. Join Venerable Akaliko for a guided meditation and learn about the practices we can cultivate in daily life to…

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Meditation in the Buddha’s Words (26th Oct)

The Buddha gave instructions to his disciples on meditation and mental cultivation. In this talk, Venerable Vimalaramsi will discuss what the Buddha said about meditation in the early Buddhist suttas. In particular, there is a useful step found in the suttas that can be included in meditation practice that allows practitioners to develop deep insights and progress on…

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Introduction to Buddhist Thoughts & Practices

In this four-week course we will be exploring some of the important teachings and meditation practices given to help us understand our own minds. Each night there will be a short course on the theory behind the meditation practice. This will be followed by a practice period, including Vipassana (Mindfulness) Meditation and Metta (Loving Kindness)…

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