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Whatever precious jewel there is in the heavenly worlds, there is nothing comparable to one who is Awakened.
-The Buddha

The Suttas: Encounters with the Buddha’s words (10th March)

  • Location : Buddhist Library
  • Start Date and Time : 10/03/2019 03:00 pm
  • Finish Date and Time : 10/03/2019 06:00 pm
  • Event Speaker : Bhante Sujato
  • Enquiries or Contact : info@buddhistlibrary.org.au 02 9519 6054
  • Organising Entity : Buddhist Library


The Suttas: Encounters with the Buddha’s words

The suttas are the teachings of the Buddha, in his own words, passed down over 2500 years in he Buddhist traditions. If you’d like to learn what the Buddha taught, these ancient scriptures are our only historical record. This course avoids some of the more obvious approaches to the suttas, instead focusing on some more enigmatic and obscure corners of the canon. It will be led by Bhante Sujato, a respected teacher and scholar of early Buddhism. The course consists of four half-day workshops over four months. 

Sutta Classes, 4 half days

Sunday 3pm – 6pm

10th March

14th April

12th May

9th June

March Suttas list:
1. AN 5.196 The Great Dreams: the Buddha recounts a series of dreams that came to him shortly before he was awakened.
2. SN 12.15: With Kaccanagotta: a deep dive into one of the most famous and difficult philosophical discourses.
3. MN 23: The Ant-hill: a curious parable consisting of a series of enigmatic metaphors.
4. DN 21: The Questions of Sakka: some great Dhamma, and a Pali love song!


Teacher Profile:

Bhante Sujato is an Australian Theravanda Buddhist monk ordained in a monastery in Chieng Mai in Thailand during the 1990s. He played in a successful rock band called Martha’s Vineyard for many years before he joined an intensive Buddhist retreat in Thailand which introduced him to the Buddha’s teachings.

Besides spending 3 years in the Bodhinyana monastery with Ajahn Brahm, he also spent several years in remote hermitages and caves in Thailand in Malaysia.

Bhante Sujato has taught the Dhamma and meditation to a varied audience in Australia and internationally such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, The USA, Germany, Norway, India, Hongkong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and many others, and has spoken at several major international Buddhist conferences and events. He also helped to establish the Santi Forest Monastery in Bundanoon, where he was the abbot for many years.

Bhante Sujato has become well known for his articulate support for the fully ordained Bhikkhuni lineage. A special field of interest is the role of women in Buddhism and particularly the revival of the Bhikkhuni order within the Theravada tradition. As well as being a meditator and teacher, Bhante Sujato is a scholar of early Buddhism, with several books and essays of original and often groundbreaking research. He contributes to Buddhism in Australia through a wide variety of forums and organisations, including the Australian Sangha Association, Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils, Australia Partnership of Religious Organisations, Australian Association of Buddhist Councillors and Psychotherapists, Australian Association of Buddhist Studies, and Australian Religious Response to Climate Change.

Bhante Sujato is also the founder of SuttaCentral.net.


All Sessions by Dana (donation).

Dana is the traditional practice of generosity, the extending of one’s goodwill, which is fundamental to Buddhism and other spiritual traditions. The teachings flourish in an atmosphere of generosity and gratitude, and these qualities in turn support the growth of wisdom and compassion in the practitioner. The instructions and guidance for this course are offered without requesting a specified fee and it is up to individuals to determine the amount of dana they would like to offer. It can sometimes be easy to become confused when we are new to this and we wonder “how much should I give?” This is a relevant question in the material economy but an appropriate dana cannot be prescribed but requires sensitivity to its intent and awareness of the costs and expenses associated with organising a course (e.g., administrative & venue costs).

The Buddhist Library is operated by the Buddha Dharma Education Fund which is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Donations to the Buddhist Library Fund are tax deductible.
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