Daytime Absolute Beginner’s Meditation Course

7 March 2019 - 28 March 2019
  • Day:Thursday
  • Time:10.00AM - 12.00PM
  • No of Sessions:4
  • Duration:2 hours
  • Organising Entity:Buddhist Library
  • Event Speaker:Patricia Austin
  • or (02) 9519 6054
  • Location:Buddhist Library
  • Contribution:By donation
  • Course Details:

    7 March 2019

    14 March 2019

    21 March 2019

    28 March 2019

    This 4-week course led by Patricia Austin is designed for those with no previous training in meditation. In a relaxed and open setting, participants will be introduced to the principles and practice of Vipassana (insight) meditation through training in mindfulness, as taught by the Buddha.  The course will include discussion, meditation exercises and feedback. Written handouts will be provided.

    Registration essential as numbers are limited. To gain maximum benefit from the course participants are encouraged to attend all sessions.

    Course Facilitator:

    PA_HeadShotPatricia Austin has been a Buddhist practitioner for 20 years.  Her meditation training is in the Burmese Theravada tradition. Buddhism is integral to her daily life. Patricia is a clinical psychologist with a small private practice. She has previously worked in HIV/AIDS services, carried out research into the mental health of asylum seekers and for 19 years provided psychological therapy to the bereaved at Sacred Heart Palliative Care Service. Patricia is married and lives in Sydney.


    All Sessions by Dana (Donation).

    Dana is the traditional practice of generosity, the extending of one’s goodwill, which is fundamental to Buddhism and other spiritual traditions. The teachings flourish in an atmosphere of generosity and gratitude, and these qualities in turn support the growth of wisdom and compassion in the practitioner. The instructions and guidance for this course are offered without requesting a specified fee and it is up to individuals to determine the amount of dana they would like to offer. It can sometimes be easy to become confused when we are new to this and we wonder “how much should I give?” This is a relevant question in the material economy but an appropriate dana cannot be prescribed but requires sensitivity to its intent and awareness of the costs and expenses associated with organising a course (e.g., administrative & venue costs).