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Project Cambodia update (End of May 2012)

Rain Water Tank Project

? ?By the end of May 2012, we have been able to build? 4214 water tanks in 552 schools in five provinces including Kampot and Kampot Speu provinces. We have been able to build closer to 100 tanks per month in the past quarter in 64 schools as per our target. These water tanks provide fresh water for over 180,000 children for the first time in their life, a huge health plus. ?


Dental Clinic Project

Our three Dental clinics, including one mobile clinic, are surging ahead and have treated over 22,868 children since they opened their doors. Our dedicated dental staff have been able to do over 9338 teeth extractions and 210 root canal fillings by the end of May 2012. This is other than the 16880 cases of restoration and 8037 cases of prevention that our staff attended in those clinics. We are thankful to our full time dentist Mr Kim, two Dental Assistants and the volunteers sent by Cecilia So from Sydney and some other countries, mainly Asian and Australian dentists, generous with their time. Our dentists along with the volunteers are able to treat more than 1000 children a month.

( The difference in the statistics on Dental Clinic project from February 2012 to May 2012 is due to the fact that the February figures were an estimate whereas the May figures are the true figures. The Project Office in Cambodia has been instructed to collect correct statistcs from all the completed clinics since from inception and those figures are reported hencewith. Moreover, we have made arrangements to publish new statistics of all our projects bi – monthly.)

English Classes

By the end of May 2012, we have been able to open 83 English classes with a total of 2,500 students. These classes are facilitated by 41 teachers. This includes 2 classes that were opened recently for top students to give them extra help.

Computer Classes

By the end of May 2012, we have been able to train 291 students in the 30 computer classes that we opened in different regions of Cambodia.

Non-Formal Schools

We now have 9 non-formal schools under our care.

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