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New Books in the Buddist Library

Awakening Joy

Author: James Baraz

Categories: Psychology

Awakening Joy is more than just another book about happiness. More than simply offering suggested strategies to change our behavior, it uses time-tested practices to train the mind to learn new ways of thinking. The principles of the course are universal, although much of the material includes Buddhist philosophy drawn from the author’s thirty years as a Buddhist meditation teacher and spiritual counselor.

Women in Pali Buddhism

Author: Pascale Engelmajer

Categories: Women

The Pali tradition presents a diverse and often contradictory picture of women. This book examines women’s roles as they are described in the P?li canon and its commentaries…

The Mindful Child

Author: Susan Kaiser Greenland

Categories: Pyschology

The techniques of mindful awareness have helped millions of adults reduce stress in their lives. Now, children—who are under more pressure than ever before—can learn to protect themselves with these well-established methods adapted for their ages.

How to Be Sick

Author: Toni Bernhard

Categories: Religious Life

This life-affirming, instructive, and thoroughly inspiring book is a must-read for anyone who is–or who might one day be–sick. And it can also be the perfect gift of…

The Way of the Buddha: The Illustrated Dhammapada

Author: The Rubin Museum of Art

Categories: Art/Architecture

The Dhammapada, a core text for Buddhists all over the world, consists of more than 400 sayings from Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism. Here, in a handsome and giftable format…


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