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How to Live Peacefully in a Busy World? (20th Sept Tues 7-9pm)

Our lives are busy... there is hardly a day that goes by without emails and phone calls calling for our attention.   "Stop the world! I wan't to get off!" - This was a song from many years ago recognising (even then) that our lives are impossibly busy. This was before computers and phones existed.…

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Two Teachings from the Golden Age of Buddhism

Malcolm Pearce is a Buddhist psychotherapist with practice rooms in North Sydney, where he also teaches meditation. He has a long standing interest in ‘Humanistic Buddhism’ seeing it as a means of enhancing the experience of everyday living. His two session course will draw on teachings and meditations that were influential in the days when…

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How to Act Wisely in Tense Situations? (30th Aug 7-9pm Tues)

Often when situations become tense it is because of certain things said or done which upset others. Most of us then regret our own words and actions and may even humble ourselves to apologize severely, yet what is done cannot be undone and in some situations leaves lifelong scars. Instead of regretting, can we apply wisdom to avoid…

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Caring for Self and Caring for Others (Bhante Tejadhammo)

How do we know when we are following right actions, thoughts, and taking care of ourselves? How can we find a balanced and compassionate life, where there is not "too little" or "too much"? Is it important for us to learn how we can care for ourselves, to then take good care of one another?…

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Spiritual Companionship Brings Joy and Beauty on the Path (26th July 7pm Tues)

The Buddha once said to Ananda, one of his disciples, that admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie is actually the whole of the holy life (SN 45.2).    Ever wonder why did the Buddha put such emphasis on admirable friendship (“kalyana-mittata” in Pali)? What is kalyana-mittata? As social beings, we don’t live in isolation, so…

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Devotion in Practice (19th July 7pm Tues)

Mindfulness meditation is widely practiced these days. We have many good teachers - but one thing, devotion is hardly ever mentioned. As if we were ashamed to say to our loved ones - you are loved and appreciated! On a spiritual path, sometimes we need help and that help is inside us. In this evening,…

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Mindfulness Meditation Workshop (starts 8th July 7pm Fri)

This five-session workshop is an introduction to the  Buddhist practice of mindfulness meditation. Each session includes presentation of topics relating to mindfulness and guided sessions for both sitting and walking meditation practices. The workshop is structured especially for beginners but can also be suitable for intermediate meditators to continue developing their understanding and experience in…

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Is the world perfect or imperfect? (5th & 12th July 7pm Tues)

Does the world have to be perfect before you can be happy? Can you be happy in an imperfect world? Is it worth making the effort to be a better person if the world keeps changing but never seems to improve?   These questions point to the heart of spiritual practice, does it matter if…

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Body and Mind – How to Use Them to Achieve Complete Freedom

Special Event - Senior teacher from Thailand Body and Mind - How to Use Them to Achieve Complete Freedom Ajahn Jamnian will offer teachings based on the Four Noble Truths, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, and the  Noble Eight Fold Path as taught by the Buddha. Using a rare touch and knowing for the listeners,…

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Nourishment, Transformation and Healing Workshop

In the meditation process our internal blocks such as fear, anger, despair and resentment are transformed. At the same time a mindfulness practitioner knows how to cultivate feelings of joy in their every day life. As a result; Our relationships with nature and humans become easier. Freedom and joy penetrate our being - we are…

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