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Insight Meditation Course Feb/March 2017

Due to popular demand for Insight Meditation Course, we now offer this course at the start of the year 2017, a great chance to learn insight techniques or simply refresh your practice. Registration is essential. This 6-weeks course introduces the practice of Buddhist Insight (vipassana) meditation based on the teachings of the Buddha contained within the…

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Daytime Absolute Beginner’s Meditation Course Jan/Feb 2017

This 4-weeks course led by Patricia Austin is designed for those with no previous training in meditation. In a relaxed and open setting, participants will be introduced to the principles and practice of Vipassana (insight) meditation through training in mindfulness, as taught by the Buddha.  The course will include discussion, meditation exercises and feedback. Written…

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Buddhism – How it spread, infiltrated different cultures and it’s adaption

6th and 13th December, 7pm-9pm Tuesdays Join us in a two week course with Terry Redmond to discover: How Buddhism spread over time...including the people and factors which helped it with special reference to the Silk Road? The Silk Road was an avenue for ideas and over the two evenings, we will begin to explore…

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Perfect or Imperfect World

In this session, Jim will share with us an alternative view on what the world is, its creation and destruction, and who is responsible.   29th November (Tuesday) 7pm-9pm     Speaker's Profile: Jim Teoh has been a Buddhist teacher for more than twenty years and was one of the initiators of the earliest structured…

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On Ghosts, Demons and The Devil

Ghost, demons and devils are very interesting. They can be discussed within jokes or taken very seriously. Jim talks about his experiences with ghost,  demons and devils in this session and the outcome of these experiences.   22nd November (Tuesday) 7pm-9pm   Speaker's Profile: Jim Teoh has been a Buddhist teacher for more than twenty…

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Beyond Buddhism In a Nutshell Course

19th November 1pm-4pm Saturday     Are you thirsting for more knowledge about Buddhism? Beyond Buddhism in a Nutshell is a continuation to our earlier Buddhism in a Nutshell course and explores in more detail deeper concepts in Buddhism including Karma, meditation, the idea of love and an overview of the different traditions in Buddhism.…

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Pragmatic Approach to the Nature of Mind

Turning inwards and seeing into nature of mind will be demonstrated by Ajahn Vimokkha. Ajahan will show the way on how to go inwards in the practice of Samatha and Vipassana and thus to develop a clear knowing mind through pragmatic approach. Through simple explanation using right techniques in the practice, one can develop seeing…

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Developing a Courageous Mind

Exploring Buddhism, Psychotherapy and the Awakening...with Dr. Eng Kong Tan   What is courage?  How do we cultivate it? Dr. Eng-Kong Tan will share his experiences as the therapist with the patient who demonstrates courage on the psychotherapy journey - the therapist gathers courage from his own experiences to support the patient through painful and…

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Don’t Hold Back (Luang Por Piak)

Don’t Hold Back! Join us for two evening Dhamma talks with Luang Por Piak Luang Por Piak will speak in Thai with a monk giving translation in English. Registration includes both days 1st Nov (Tuesday) 7pm-9pm and 2nd Nov (Wednesday) 7pm-9pm Please register early to reserve your place!   Teacher Profile: Luang Por (Venerable father) Piak is…

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Book Launch! The Summit of Her Ambition – The Spirited Life of Marie Byles

For the first time! Book Launch - Author Anne McLeod talks to Australian Buddhist Community for the first time on her NEW book: "The Summit of Her Ambition - The spirited life of Marie Byles" Introduction by Bhante Tejadhammo and Presentation by Author Anne McLeod   Marie Byles was one of the first pioneers of Buddhism in the…

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