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The Dharma of Faerie Tales with Bhante Pandit

Ground your meditation and enlightenment practice in the gripping motifs of these five stories... Faerie Tales are not just children's stories. They are not just morality tales and they are not aimlessly gruesome and bizarre by turn. Good Faerie tales follow clear story devices that become obvious when pointed out. These motifs present dharma to the psyche in the…

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The 16 Stages of Breathing Meditation (Anapanasati) Workshop

Ven. Vimokkha's teachings at   Buddhist Library were very well   received in November last year. This year we are so glad to have Ven.     re-visiting Sydney in April to offer a two week workshop to friends of the Buddhist Library. The 16 Stages of Breathing Meditation (Anapanasati) by Ven. Dr. Vimokkha 7pm - 9pm, Tuesday, 11th & 18th…

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The Path to Wisdom – The Middle Way

  “There is a middle way between the extremes of indulgence and self-denial, free from sorrow and suffering. This is the way to peace and liberation in this very life.”   Is it possible to remove ourselves from the world nor get lost in it?   How does Middle Way lead us to living a…

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Buddhism in a Nutshell (25th March, 1-4pm Sat)

For the beginner wanting to learn more about Buddhism, sometimes it is hard to know where to begin and where to go from where you are. This short introductory course provides an overview of Buddhism and the core teachings of the Buddha. The course will be presented by a panel of speakers from various backgrounds.…

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Strength Training for the Mind: Brahmavihara Practice

  The brahmaviharas are the Buddha’s primary heart teachings - the ones that connect most directly with our desire for true happiness. These unlimited qualities are goodwill, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity. They can be developed from what we experience in the human heart. Why is these qualities essential as a strength training for the…

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Workshop: Using Mindfulness and Meditation to Calm the Traumatised Mind (11th March)

This event is now full. Please send us an email to put you on waiting list.   Safe and Sound: Using Mindfulness and Meditation to Calm the Traumatised Mind The Buddha taught that our suffering comes from within the Mind, as does our healing and peace. Others have said happiness is an inside job. Meditation…

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Insight Meditation Course Feb/March 2017

Due to popular demand for Insight Meditation Course, we now offer this course at the start of the year 2017, a great chance to learn insight techniques or simply refresh your practice. Registration is essential. This 6-weeks course introduces the practice of Buddhist Insight (vipassana) meditation based on the teachings of the Buddha contained within the…

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Daytime Absolute Beginner’s Meditation Course Jan/Feb 2017

This 4-weeks course led by Patricia Austin is designed for those with no previous training in meditation. In a relaxed and open setting, participants will be introduced to the principles and practice of Vipassana (insight) meditation through training in mindfulness, as taught by the Buddha.  The course will include discussion, meditation exercises and feedback. Written…

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Buddhism – How it spread, infiltrated different cultures and it’s adaption

6th and 13th December, 7pm-9pm Tuesdays Join us in a two week course with Terry Redmond to discover: How Buddhism spread over time...including the people and factors which helped it with special reference to the Silk Road? The Silk Road was an avenue for ideas and over the two evenings, we will begin to explore…

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Perfect or Imperfect World

In this session, Jim will share with us an alternative view on what the world is, its creation and destruction, and who is responsible.   29th November (Tuesday) 7pm-9pm     Speaker's Profile: Jim Teoh has been a Buddhist teacher for more than twenty years and was one of the initiators of the earliest structured…

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