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Workshop: Using Mindfulness and Meditation to Calm the Traumatised Mind (24th June)

Due to popular demand, we are offering this workshop again in June. Please book in as the places is limited to 15 people only.   Safe and Sound: Using Mindfulness and Meditation to Calm the Traumatised Mind The Buddha taught that our suffering comes from within the Mind, as does our healing and peace. Others…

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Vipassana Meditation Course

Step by Step – The Buddha Path to a Peace Mind Led by Grahame White   Friday 7-8:30pm 9th June 16th June 23rd June 30th June   In this 4-week course, we will explore the teaching of the Buddha in relationships to Vipassana (Insight Meditation). Each night there will be a 45-minute sitting period followed…

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Stress and how to stop stressing about it?

Why am I so stressed! Why being a Buddhist I have even more stressed? There is no such thing as a Buddhist practice if we only do the practice for one day and not the next. There is a Buddhist path or if you're lazy like me, a Buddhist direction. For us city dwelling lay…

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Path to Awakening – Finding the Fields to Cultivate Peace

A Mind at Peace, A Life at Peace A peaceful mind and body give rise to wisdom while cultivating peaceful actions extends our compassion to all.   What is the most important aspect in the fields of cultivating peace? Is it possible to have a stable and at ease mind? How does wisdom arise from…

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The Values of Life by Ven. Ashin Tejinda

There are many different views on the meaning of life. In this talk, Venerable Ashin Tejinda will have a discussion about the meaning of life, from the point of view of Buddhism. Often, we encounter Buddhist views and perspectives on life, which appear to be different from others. Many people have different views on the…

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Compassion in Digital Age

Co-organise by the Buddhist Library and Australian Mangalam group of Mangala Shri Bhuti    The digital age has given us more ways to connect, but can leave us feeling isolated. Social media is a platform for communication, but can devolve into digital shouting. Compassion isn’t the first word which comes to mind when we talk…

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Cancelled: How shall I live? – Patrick Kearney

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event is now cancelled.  "How shall I live?" This is the fundamental ethical question that we all face. In this talk we shall explore the Buddha's approach to ethics. He is concerned with how we should be rather than what we should do. The Buddha is not interested in transcendental…

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Beyond Mindfulness: A workshop with Reverend Heng Sure

Co-organised workshop between Buddhist Library Ltd and Association of Engaged Buddhists   Mindfulness has become a very fashionable word in recent years.  But what does it mean to truly practice mindfulness?  Can it be successfully practiced in isolation, without putting into practice the rest of the Buddha's teachings?  Join us to explore this topic.   Saturday…

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Advanced Beginner’s Meditation Course May 2017

This 4-weeks course led by Patricia Austin is designed for those who have done the Insight Meditation, Absolute Beginners Meditation or Mindfulness Meditation at the Buddhist Library this course will provide assistance to practice in a supportive environment with teaching, walking and sitting sessions. Registration essential as numbers are limited. To gain maximum benefit from…

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The Way to Cultivate Wholesome Energy

Living in this modern society, we are in much more rush and tension than ever. Our expressions, movements and speech seldom involve calm and relaxation. Is this tension mainly due to the modern civilization? Looking at such a busy and stressful external world…   Is it possible for us to develop wholesome mental energy? How…

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