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Event Types: Special Events

Transmitting the Light

Renew your vow to practise wisdom and compassion and spread the Dharma   Join us in transmitting the Dharma light of wisdom and compassion, following the footsteps of the late Master Sheng Yen whose life was dedicated to "uplifting the character of humanity and building a pure land on earth". This event will be presided…

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End of year Open Group Loving-kindness Meditation and Lunch

Sunday 4 December 12pm-3.30pm approx. Open to the general public.   Come and join us for a group loving kindness meditation (metta circle) at the Buddhist Library and end of year social lunch. We will be listening to recorded guided loving kindness meditations together.   What is loving-kindness meditation? Loving kindness meditation helps us develop…

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Don’t Hold Back (Luang Por Piak)

Don’t Hold Back! Join us for two evening Dhamma talks with Luang Por Piak Luang Por Piak will speak in Thai with a monk giving translation in English. Registration includes both days 1st Nov (Tuesday) 7pm-9pm and 2nd Nov (Wednesday) 7pm-9pm Please register early to reserve your place!   Teacher Profile: Luang Por (Venerable father) Piak is…

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Book Launch! The Summit of Her Ambition – The Spirited Life of Marie Byles

For the first time! Book Launch - Author Anne McLeod talks to Australian Buddhist Community for the first time on her NEW book: "The Summit of Her Ambition - The spirited life of Marie Byles" Introduction by Bhante Tejadhammo and Presentation by Author Anne McLeod   Marie Byles was one of the first pioneers of Buddhism in the…

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Rose Ceremony (Zen) 21st Aug 9:30am Sun

The Rose Ceremony is one of the most prominent on the Buddhist calendar, an opportunity to nourish understanding, gratitude and love for our parents.   No matter what the quality of our relationship with our parents, we are encouraged to participate in the day with a clear intention to begin afresh with an open mind…

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Body and Mind – How to Use Them to Achieve Complete Freedom

Special Event - Senior teacher from Thailand Body and Mind - How to Use Them to Achieve Complete Freedom Ajahn Jamnian will offer teachings based on the Four Noble Truths, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, and the  Noble Eight Fold Path as taught by the Buddha. Using a rare touch and knowing for the listeners,…

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Combined Vesak Celebration – In Gratitude of the Dharma

COMBINED VESAK CELEBRATION In Gratitude of the Dharma A Vesak Celebration honoured by representatives from the major Buddhist Traditions Organised by Association of Engaged Buddhists and the Buddhist Library Vesak Day is a significant day for Buddhists, as we come together to commemorate the Buddha’s birth, Enlightenment and passing away. We are reminded on this…

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An Evening with Ajahn Sumedho. Note: Morning Dana CANCELLED

Dear Participants,  Please be advised that Saturday 23rd April morning dana and Q&A for Luang Por Sumedho is now CANCELLED.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We will only be holding Friday 22nd April 6pm-8pm talk at the Buddhist Library. See you on 22nd April evening !   22nd April (Friday evening) Come and join us…

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True Happiness by Ajahn Dtun

Special Event on SATURDAY 19th March Dana, Q&A and Dhamma talk True Happiness  Ajahn Dtun is considered to be one of the greatest living meditation masters in Thailand. Renowned for his gentle demeanour and deep wisdom, Ajahn Dtun has always had a reputation as an impeccable and well-practised monk in the Ajahn Chah Tradition. Even as…

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The Awakened Feminine: Buddhism for Transformation

International Guest Speaker Lama Palden will offer teachings on the awakened feminine from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. She will reveal through teaching and guided practices how to access a profoundly compassionate, strong and wise feminine aspect within us, critical for healing and growth. Therapists and spiritual practitioners will benefit from an evening of rich teaching and meditation from a foremost American Buddhist teacher…

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