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Whatever precious jewel there is in the heavenly worlds, there is nothing comparable to one who is Awakened.
-The Buddha

The Way to Cultivate Wholesome Energy

  • Location : Buddhist Library
  • Start Date and Time : 28/04/2017 07:00 pm
  • Finish Date and Time : 28/04/2017 09:00 pm
  • Event Speaker : Venerable Bambalapitiye Gnanaloka
  • Enquiries or Contact : info@buddhistlibrary.org.au 02 9519 6054
  • Organising Entity : Buddhist Library


Living in this modern society, we are in much more rush and tension than ever. Our expressions, movements and speech seldom involve calm and relaxation. Is this tension mainly due to the modern civilization?

Looking at such a busy and stressful external world…


Is it possible for us to develop wholesome mental energy?

How do we cultivate the right effort?

How do we understand the mental force which binds us?


Venerable will give this talk in English.


Friday 28th April

7pm – 9pm



Teacher’s Profile:


Ven. Bambalapitiye Gnanaloka a much respected forest monk in Sri Lanka. He is well known through out Sri Lanka for his strict ‘Duthanga’ practice. He is a monk much sort after by bikkhu, bikkhuni, Upasaka , Upasikas for his guidance on meditation and sila.

During the civil war in Sri Lanka, when people were being bombed and killed this monk walked freely and in pindapatha  in the war zone in the eastern provence of Sri Lanka, unharmed by either party. He was welcomed and was offered dana by both parties. He often stays in the forstes, with the wild animels such a elephants, leopards and bear. Whenever possible he will walk and prefer to find his dana by pindapatha. In 2015 he nearly died from hgh altitude sickness in the Himalaya forest, after that he has decided to offer teachings to the general public.

Ven. Gnanaloka had his early education at Trinity College Kandy which is a prestigious British Missionary school and currently one of the leading boy’s schools of this country. Later he moved to live in Lesotho in South Africa with his parents when his father accepted an UN appointment to be attached to the National University of Lesotho as a lecturer. Ven. Gnanaloka had his secondary education in a school in South Africa and entered a University in Cypress to read for a degree in Business Administration when he realized that his future was a spiritual path. He then returned to Sri Lanka  in search of his spiritual journey.

On his arrival in Sri Lanka Ven. Gnanaloka met and had close links with Ven. Gnanawimala the last of the German Buddhist  monks at the Island Hermitage in Polgasduwa , Dodanduwa. Ven. Gnanawimala is a deciple of Ven. Gnanathiloka the author of many books on Buddhism such as ‘word of the Buddha’ and the much famous Buddhist Dictionary. Ven. Gnanaloka had the privilege to be under the tutelage of Ven. Gnanawimala. Ven. Gnanaloka then received ordination in Dec 1999 by two of Sri Lanka’s most respected monks Ven. Agga Maha Panditha  Madihe Pannaseeha, Maha Nayak of Amarapura Sect and Ven. Ampitiye Rahula.

Ven. Gnanaloka received higher ordination in June 2000.

After some years of living in the Island hermitage in Polgasduwa Dodanduwa as a pupil and attendant to the then aged and ailing Ven. Gnanawilmala , Ven. Gnanaloka was granted permission to live in solitude in the forest caves in the central hills of Sri Lanka. Now with a vast experience of living in solitude and meditation he then traveled to the Himalayas and meditated extensively in temples in Mt. Kailash and Ladakh. He was also able to have long stays in Bodhgaya.


All Sessions by Dana (donation).

Dana is the traditional practice of generosity, the extending of one’s goodwill, which is fundamental to Buddhism and other spiritual traditions. The teachings flourish in an atmosphere of generosity and gratitude, and these qualities in turn support the growth of wisdom and compassion in the practitioner. The instructions and guidance for this course are offered without requesting a specified fee and it is up to individuals to determine the amount of dana they would like to offer. It can sometimes be easy to become confused when we are new to this and we wonder “how much should I give?” This is a relevant question in the material economy but an appropriate dana cannot be prescribed but requires sensitivity to its intent and awareness of the costs and expenses associated with organising a course (e.g., administrative & venue costs).



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