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Whatever precious jewel there is in the heavenly worlds, there is nothing comparable to one who is Awakened.
-The Buddha

Combined Vesak Celebration – In Gratitude of the Dharma

  • Location : Buddhist Library and Meditation Centre
  • Start Date and Time : 08/05/2016 09:00 am
  • Finish Date and Time : 08/05/2016 02:30 pm
  • Event Speaker : Bhante Pandit, Venerable Bore, Dungyud Rinpoche, Ayya Sudhira and Sue Toohey
  • Enquiries or Contact : info@buddhistlibrary.org.au 02 9519 6054
  • Organising Entity : Buddhist Library and Association of Engaged Buddhists


In Gratitude of the Dharma

A Vesak Celebration honoured by representatives from the major Buddhist Traditions
Organised by Association of Engaged Buddhists and the Buddhist Library

Vesak Day is a significant day for Buddhists, as we come together to commemorate the Buddha’s birth, Enlightenment and passing away. We are reminded on this day of the Buddha’s journey as a human in search of a path to liberate humankind from suffering. We are reminded of the Buddha’s Enlightenment at 35 years old, and his tireless and compassionate efforts to share the teachings for 45 years before his passing at 80 years old. We are reminded of our own humanity and our common goal to find true peace and ultimate happiness.

It is a goal shared by all the Buddhist traditions and all practicing Buddhists. We have invited three monastic representatives from the major Buddhist traditions:
Pandit Bhikkhu, who runs little Bangkok Sangha in Thailand, Venerable Ban Ruo, the abbot of Prajna Monastery and Dungyud Rinpoche, Spiritual Director of Sakya Tharpa Ling Buddhist Meditation Centre from the Tibetan tradition.

We invite you to join us for a day of practice and Dhamma discussion, and for those interested, to bring food to give alms to the Sangha (the monks and nuns) and to share with fellow participants. Please bring food that is vegetarian, free from leeks, scallions, garlic and onions.

After lunch, we will have a panel discussion on the theme In the Gratitude of Dharma with the Venerables, along with Ayya Sudhira, Phra Nick and Bhante Adhisila, facilitated by Sue Toohey, followed by a questions and answers session.

8th May 2016 (Sunday 9am – 2:30pm)
Program Schedule

9am: Arrival & Registration
9.30am: Opening by host – Sue Toohey
9.40am: Ceremony and chanting from all traditions
10.00am: Bhante Pandit’s talk
10:30am: Venerable Bore’s talk
11am: Alms giving to the Sangha (pindapat)
11.30am: Lunch for participants
12.30pm: Dungyud Rinpoche’s talk
1.00pm: Panel Discussion
2:15pm: Closing blessing/Dedication of Merits
2:30pm: End

Monastics Profile:

Pandit Bhikkhu

Pandit Bhikkhu is a British born ordained Buddhist monk who lives and works from Bangkok. While Pandit was searching aimlessly one day for something to read in a quiet library, he came across a book on Buddhism, and was inspired to investigate further on the topic. After having completed a number of meditation retreats in the UK, he entered the temple at the age of 24, and finally taking full ordination in Thailand in 1996. Since then he took a degree in Psychology and is completed a Masters in Buddhist Studies at Mahaculalongkorn University, just north of Bangkok.
Having had experience in meditation styles of Mahasi Sayadaw, Ajahn Chah, Dhammakaya and some Tibetan, Pandit hikku claims no lineage other than Buddhism. His own approach uses reflection on the six senses to hold the mind in empty alert awareness, but there are various techniques that are useful at different times in one’s practice. So long as you are making an effort, with the right goal in mind, progress will be made.

Venerable Ban Ruo

Venerable Ban Ruo is the Abbot of Prajna Monastery Australia, which was established in January 2008. He was ordained in China in 1987 at the age of 14 and completed his monastic education at Fu Jian Guang Hua Monastery in 1991. He came to Australia in 1994 invited by Venerable Tsang Hui who appointed him as assistant Abbot of Hwa Tsang Monastery. During the Sydney Olympic in 2000, with the support of Phra Mana, Venerable was the first Buddhist monk to represent Mahayana tradition as religious chaplain providing support for the athletes.

In 2003, Venerable went back to Taiwan to further his studies under Vinaya Venerable Dao hai at Taiwan Nan Pu Tuo Buddhist Institutes for three years. Upon his return in 2006, Venerable was appointed as Buddhist Chaplain for New South Wales Police Force. Venerable is aslo Buddhist Chaplain at Concord Hospital and a founding member of the Australian Freedom Network (launched in December 2015) together with 17 other faith leaders for joint effort to end modern slavery.
His Eminence Dungyud Tulku Rinpoche is the reincarnation of lineage of highly realised Tibetan Buddhist master. Rinpoche graduated from Sakya College Higher Buddhist Institute after 9 years study in Buddhist philosophy. Rinpoche has completed receiving The Collection of Tantras which is over 300 empowerments within 10 years from His Holiness Sakya Trizin. He has also received many precious teachings from other great masters.

Dungyud Tulku Rinpoche

Dungyud Tulku Rinpoche is a current Spiritual Director of Sakya Tharpa Ling Buddhist Meditation Centre in Strathfield as well as a Joint Head of the Dirru Monastery in Tibet and Bir Monastery in India. He gave numerous empowerments in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sydney and often travels back to Bir Monastery and his other centres overseas for teaching and empowerments.

Rinpoche possesses great warmth, compassion and wisdom. These qualities make his teachings profound, inspirational and transformative.

Facilitator’s Profile:
Sue Toohey

Sue Toohey is an experienced yoga teacher, qualified in both Hatha and Dru styles of yoga. She teaches a range of weekly yoga classes in Sydney’s inner west. Formerly a university teacher in the School of Public Health at UNSW she has a lifelong interest in using yoga to counteract depression and anxiety and develop mental well-being. She has been a Buddhist practitioner for 30 years.

Notes and guidelines of practices will be provided for all participants. All are welcome whether experienced or new yogis, and whether practicing Buddhists or not. If you suffer from any health conditions which might affect your ability to do yoga please ask your doctor for advice before registering.

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