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Latest News on Dental Clinic Project (as at June 2011)

Our three Dental clinics including a mobile are surging ahead and have treated 6,412 children since they opened their doors. Thanks to our full time dentist Mr Kim, two Dental Assistants and the volunteers sent by Cecilia So from Sydney and some other countries, mainly Asian /Australian dentists, generous with their time. Our dentists with volunteers can treat more than 1000 children a month. They do outreach at outlying schools thanks to our new Dental Clinic in a suitcase along with folding chair.

This makes extractions, fillings and root canal fillings possible and adds even more to our basic numbers treated. plus classes for all schools on the importance of dental hygiene, and personal hygiene.

A new full dentist chair has arrived so we need not revert to lap dentistry where our volunteers were treating the kids sitting on their laps on a cushion. This made the news in Sydney papers. Lap Dentistry.

Every month we open new classes for English, Khmer non formal and computer training.

By the end of May 2011, we have been able to open 77 English classes with a total of 2,375 students. This includes 2 classes that were opened recently for top students to give them extra help. Now we have only 15 students in a class instead of the usual 40. This will help them enter University with sound English ability.

Numbers in new computer classes are surging. Over 155 students in 13 computer classes by the end of May 2011.

We now have non formal schools under our care.

We are now looking for Australian / New Zealand Dentists who would spend some of their holidays doing Dental work for these wonderful Khmer children @ the Kbal Romeas School. We expect to provide a dental nurse to assist.


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